When will I be able to process my season pass?2022-06-27T11:30:37-04:00

Season pass processing will begin daily starting Saturday, May 30th.  Please check our website for park hours of operation.

I was not offered the time frame I needed. What can I do?2017-01-23T08:51:58-04:00

While we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, we can only make changes if the space is available. The time(s) you were offered is what we have available on that day. If you need a different time, we recommend that you try another date.

Adventure, Super Adventure, Mega Adventure and Teddy Bear Parties ONLY – Why isn’t my food ready when I check in?2023-10-10T11:03:47-04:00

Usually the first 1/2 hour, the children play in the arcade. The first 1/2 hour allows all your guests to arrive, and allows us time to prepare your child’s table and take all your child’s presents upstairs. On the half hour, your pizza/hot dogs will be ready and your child and his/her friends will be called up to your table.

Waterpark Parties ONLY – Why isn’t my food ready when I check in?2017-01-23T08:50:06-04:00

Check In times vary depending on operating hours; afternoon parties will check in at 2pm. Your food will be ready at your designated table time as discussed with your birthday reservationist.

What if I want to stay longer than the hour and a half?2017-01-23T08:49:17-04:00

You are more than welcome to stay at the Park after the scheduled party table time is over. However, you will need to leave the table and party area to accommodate guests who have reserved the time frame after yours.

Adventure, Super Adventure, Mega Adventure and Teddy Bear Parties ONLY – Is there a cost or charge for adults / parents to attend the party?2023-10-10T11:04:05-04:00

There is no charge for these guests, unless you choose to purchase food, drinks, and/or activities for them. You can order these items on the day of the party at registration when you arrive or through your party captain. We do ask that you be aware that our seating is only for the birthday child and his/her friends.

Waterpark Parties ONLY – Is there a cost to charge for adults / parents to attend the party?2017-01-23T08:52:40-04:00

No, most people do not pay for parents to be part of the party, but they are welcome to watch. However, if they would like to swim, there is an additional discounted charge.

What happens if my guest-count changes?2017-01-23T08:46:29-04:00

We charge for the number of participants that show up, but we do have an 8-guest minimum; for example, if you reserved for 16 and only 12 show up, you would be charged for 12; if only six show up, you will still be charged for the 8 minimum. We can adjust for small increases; however our tables only accommodate up to 15 children. Therefore, we recommend that you confirm your reservation or call back should you need to decrease or increase the seating arrangements.

What kind of decorations do you have and / or can I bring my own?2017-01-23T08:45:59-04:00

We provide decorations and balloons for the birthday child. You are more than welcome to bring in your own if you would like something different. We do recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes early if you are bringing your own decorations.

What is in the party favor bags?2017-01-23T08:44:20-04:00

Adventure Landing’s party favor bags include a candy, discounts and coupons. Also, we give out our party bags at the beginning of the party since they hold the tokens the kids will be using.

Does Adventure Landing have cakes or can I bring my own cake?2017-01-23T08:43:41-04:00

Adventure Landing does not have cakes on property. If you would like us to provide one for you, there is an additional charge, and we need at least 72 hours notice. It serves approximately 12 children. You are also welcome to bring your own cake or cupcakes. You may also bring in your own ice cream or ice cream cake. Other than ice cream, no other outside food or beverages are permitted at Adventure Landing.

How do I get invitations?2017-01-23T08:43:09-04:00

You can print paper invitations on our web site

May I bring in a piñata?2017-01-23T08:42:29-04:00

For safety reasons we do not allow them at Adventure Landing.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?2017-01-23T08:41:25-04:00

Only cake, cupcakes and ice cream are allowed-no other outside food or drink.

Will my credit card be charged? When do I pay?2017-01-23T08:39:29-04:00

Your credit card will be charged $50 as a deposit on the day you reserve your party. This deposit is non-refundable but goes towards your birthday balance. Your remaining balance for the birthday will be handled on the day of the party. We do not accept personal checks!

How do I change the time and / or date of the party?2017-01-23T08:38:56-04:00

You can call Adventure Landing to reschedule to another available spot.

What happens if I’m celebrating two or more children’s birthdays?2017-01-23T08:27:47-04:00

There is a small fee for each extra birthday Honoree celebrating a birthday and they will receive 200 free redemption points, a free Super Saturday Pass, Waterpark Pass, etc. that Honorees always receive.

What if I want to add extra items to my party?2017-01-23T08:27:14-04:00

You are more than welcome to Add-On Items to your birthday package for an additional discounted price; for example, additional pizza(s), additional attraction(s), Etc. If you want to Add-On Items the day of your party, it is best to do so at the Park rather than calling, since the party information has already been compiled and ready for your arrival.

How do we find Adventure Landing?2017-01-23T08:01:12-04:00

Adventure Landing is located just 1/4 mile east of the Intracoastal Waterway off of Beach Blvd in beautiful Jacksonville Beach.

What forms of payment do you accept?2019-05-29T12:55:37-04:00

Adventure Landing accepts cash, and all major credit cards at the park. Company checks are only accepted for reserved groups. No personal checks will be accepted. For online purchases Adventure Landing accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Can we bring our own food and drink into the park?2017-01-23T08:26:13-04:00

Food, beverages and coolers may not be brought inside the park. Water in clear, plastic bottles is allowed. You’re also welcome to pack your own picnic to enjoy in our picnic area located outside of the park. Please pack your picnic in a cooler to leave in your car until you’re ready to eat. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on park grounds.

Can we bring our own life jackets?2017-02-22T13:31:02-04:00

You can bring in your own life jackets, as long as they are US Coast Guard approved. Adventure Landing also has life jackets available at no additional charge, available on a first come, first serve basis. Swimsuits with built-in floatation devices are not Coast Guard approved, and are not allowed on some attractions.

Can I leave the park and get back in?2017-02-22T11:48:08-04:00

Yes, but you must keep your wristband intact for readmittance. Wristbands are only for single day use.

What can we wear on the water slides?2017-01-23T08:03:08-04:00

Appropriate swimwear is required, and subject to park approval. No bikini thongs, jeans, pants with rivets, belts, buckles or chains. Shoes and sunglasses are also not allowed on the rides. Swimsuits with built-in floatation devices are not Coast Guard approved, and are not allowed on some attractions. Swim diapers are required for children who aren’t potty trained. Swim diapers are available for purchase in the gift shop.

What are the height requirements for the rides?2017-02-22T13:29:49-04:00

For the safety of our guests, certain rides have height requirements: 

42” – Pirate’s Escape, Blackbeard’s Revenge, Undertow, Rage
48” – Hydro Half-Pipe, Eye of the Storm

There are many other rides for our smaller guests to enjoy, including two kiddie play areas.

How much does it cost to rent a locker?2023-10-10T11:05:49-04:00

We have 3 locker sizes available at the park. Regular is $10, Large is $12, and Jumbo is $15 (Prices subject to change).

Can I smoke at Adventure Landing?2017-01-23T08:05:16-04:00

Many areas at Adventure Landing and Shipwreck Island are non smoking areas. Designated smoking areas are provided. Please ask any staff member for more details.