Project Description


New Coasters, New Thrills, More Fun! There are Roller Coasters that absolutely are so Xtreme they can’t be physically constructed…

But, at Adventure Landing, we give you the opportunity to experience those coasters in our MaxFlight Coaster Simulator. You’ll be in the world of virtual reality inside our coaster chamber.

It’s far more than a rollercoaster simulator – it has interactive controls for flight and combat simulations. There are also 11 different 3D simulations ranging from roller coasters, space flight, submarine adventure and an air fighter.

A 360 degree range of motion on 2 axes will let you physically feel what can only be imagined in the “real” world, literally taking riders upside down. Plus, you can choose your own intensity level!


This is not for the faint of heart. You must be in good health, not pregnant, and not claustrophobic. Your heart, neck, and back must be healthy. Up to two guests can ride and must be at least 42″ tall. We do allow FEAR!